BigdataTennis is a project that emerged in 2010. In its beginnings the goal was toying with tennis data … however today we have published more than 1,500 forecasts in Blogabet with more than 4% of yield in the last 2 years. How did we get here? Thanks to programming languages ​​like R or Python, in 2015 BigdataTennis gave birth to the SBM. A prediction system for tennis matches based on statistical models. Today we have the most complete and updated database. We have atp stats data and bookies data. There are other public databases that have these things, but none that have them integrated. Thanks to a powerful simulation engine we realized that we have a slight advantage over bookmakers and we have been demonstrating since 2016 in the blog: odds verified 100% by blogabet and in liquid markets (90% in pinnacle): https: / / The core of the system consists of valuing the player for each point he has played during the last year, giving more or less value to that point depending on the opponent. The SBM has already grown and is in its third version. Historical milestones place us in March 2017 when SBM 2.0 was born. Here we realized that implementing improvements without stopping posting picks has some risks, and so it can be seen in the graph. It was lost for a couple of months and this mess up the total yield. However things quickly returned to their way.

tennis prediction site
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From there, the SBM 2.0 grew and grew older again. In April 2018, new functions were implemented and today it should be noted that what happens in reality is traced to what the simulations tell us. And we will be in a 4-5% yield at the end of the year. And whatever happens every year ends with benefits. Image simulations since 2012.

Simulations 2012-2017



tennis prediction site
If you consider investing in sports betting this is your place. We do not “sell” earn thousands of euros in a weekend, but we offer you long term benefit. The advantage of using a system that has already proven its effectiveness over more than 1,500 published forecasts is tranquility. This is sports betting so you will have good and bad streaks, but the model does not feel the pressure felt by the traditional tipster in bad times, nor overbetting in good times. It maintains the line and we know that line is ascending in the medium term.
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